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 Never Lose Track
of Your Patients

Personalized Care Coordination that 
Connects  Disease  Management  & Prevention Programs with Patients, Payers & Physicians.

"When You Need A Partner, Not Just a Platform."

Creating Long-Term Relationships
is Just as Important as the Technology You Choose!


No Matter the Payer, Provider or Service.

We Can Do This Together, We Can Make a Difference

A Whole New Healthcare Experience Around the Whole Person 

Our network collaborates care for the whole person.  No matter the provider, payer or patient.  We make it easy for employers, health plans and healthcare practitioners to collaborate on lifestyle, behavior change and socioeconomic determinates of health through our proprietary approach of leveraging and partnering with the organizations delivering healthcare and lifestyle change.

Here are some ways in which we create relationships
to transform care in value-based models:  

  • Physicians can make a direct on-platform referral to vetted lifestyle practitioners & corporate wellness programs while staying directly involved with their patients.  
  • Never lose track of the care of your members or employees...even those who are non-participants in your wellness programs.
  • Employees Can Now Create Their Own Wellness &  Health Program & Sync All Their Health Guru’s into One Collaborative Wellness Program.
  • Human service organizations, churches, gyms,and even yoga studios can collaborate on patient care since care and services are wrapped around the patient and based on their preferences
  • Connect with community programs and organizations to address social-determinates of health and deliver preventive services in clinical settings by helping providers coordinate, cooperate, and collaborate with community-based organizations to help deliver these services.
  • Health coaches, nutritionist, massage therapist and other integrative practitioners can partner and collaborate with primary-care practitioners and other health care specialist in or out of clinical settings and receive insurance reimbursements through our participation in various CMS Models of care and commercial value-based agreements.
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Our Collaborative,
Continuum of Care Approach

  1. Care Coordination Action Plans
    Care Coordination Action Plans
    Share secured patient information through our care management toolkit that is a simple, smart and connected solution.
  2. Collaborative Communication
    Collaborative Communication
    All team members communicate via video calls, text messaging and even wearable/wireless devices.
  3. Real-Time Alerts
    Real-Time Alerts
    Never lose track of your patient with real-time tracking and reporting across all care providers. Receive alerts when care is provided in or out of your network.
  4. Built-in Electronic Referrals
    Built-in Electronic Referrals
    Seamlessly send electronic referrals to external lifestyle practitioners and social/human service organizations.
  5. Vetted Partners
    Vetted Partners
    Clinical providers can rest assured that your patients have access to the best possible care with non-clinical & clinical practitioners & community organizations.
  6. Beyond Interoperability
    Beyond Interoperability
    Unite all provider and organization systems with simple API to bring all patient information into one HIPAA compliant integrated dashboard.
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 Collaborative Care iCloud.
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