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Chronic Care Management

Never Lose Track of Your Patients

Engage with Your Patients Between Visits

"When You Need A Partner, Not Just a Platform."​

"When You Need A Partner, Not Just a Platform."

Our CCM Services

Your Protocols + Our Navigators embedded into your practice, working side-by-side with your care team are specifically trained in behavioral adherence to ensure optimal enrollment and engagement. Our collaborative chronic care process is the most cost-effective route to quick ROI.


iHealth Partners Network offers a full implementation plan specific to your practices workflow and patient population.
  • We help identify eligible patients.
  • Designate a personnel for each identified patient.
  • Design a CCM process and schedule.
  • Help create  Comprehensive Care Plans.


​Our unique interactive platform ensures that all members involved in your patient's care have access  to the electronic care plan within and outside the billing practice. 

Our dashboard gives detailed actionable insights for better care coordination with patients. Each data is visually represented and the user can gather detailed information by clicking the desired data. The dashboard also displays the follow-up reminders that can be set up by the user against each patient.
  • Provides documents for billing Book Revenue.
  •  Dashboard monitoring, secure platform for Patient-Provider communication.
  •  Coordinate care with third party physicians.
  •  Track results for easy billing.

Care Coordination & Management

Our CCM services are extensive, including structured recording of patient health information, maintaining a comprehensive electronic care plan, managing transitions of care and other care  management services, and coordinating and sharing patient health information timely within and  outside your practice. 
  • A person-centered, electronic care plan based on a physical, mental, cognitive, psychosocial, functional, and environmental (re)assessment, and an inventory of resources (a comprehensive plan of care for all health issues, with particular focus on the chronic conditions being managed)
  • Provide your patients with the written or electronic copy of the comprehensive care plan utilizing our unique patient app.
  •  24/7 patient access to care and
    health information.
  • Patient and caregiver engagement through our interactive platform

Health Care ToolKit

This toolkit includes information for health care professionals, including tips for getting started, fact sheets on the requirements for implementing a CCM program, and educational materials to share with patients. 

Download the toolkit to learn more about how CCM can benefit your patients and practice.

Connected Care Physician Testimonial
About Chronic Care Management

 Watch how offering CCM is benefiting Medicare patients and practices
in rural North Carolina.