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Designed Specifically for
CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognized Programs (DPRP)

There's more to creating a successful DPRP than collecting and maintaining accurate participation data.  In order to grow you also need a way to acquire patients and keep them engaged so you can collect the highest reimbursements.  That's where iHealth Partners Network is different.  Our referral management and patient engagement modules integrate with a  complete care coordination solution to facilitate patient records during patient cross referrals.

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Care Management & Coordination Services

Create real-time client action plans around the CDC DPP requirements that can be integrated with your clients tracking app and their doctor's electronic health record. It also includes: billing and contract management, video calling, text messaging, easy patient enrollment, and referral alerts.
Referral Management

Lifestyle Coaches can accept or reject incoming referrals from doctors, corporate wellness programs and other health care providers and sync your own schedule to set appointments.
Intuitive Care Management Dashboard

For the first time, CDC DPRP Lifestyel Coaches can measure the outcomes of their client's healh,  view patient compliance data graphically and export into the CDC-required report format in a snap.  Our platform makes it easy to build the case studies you need to grow your practice.

Our Collaborative,
Continuum of Care Approach

50% of physicians agree that there is a gap in communication once a referral is made.

With iHPNetwork, the referring physician, lifestyle coach and program participant are in constant communication through a secure platform.  

iHPNetwork utilizes a smart search process for providers in picking and choosing the right specialist based on various parameters such as insurance, geography, language, specialty, provider types etc thereby, increases qualified referrals within the network.

Potential participants can also search our new consumer site, My Lifestyle Guru for CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognized Programs.  

Participant Action Plans & Tracking

Submitting Evaluation Data requires good data collection techniques and error free reporting.  iHPNetwork offers a participant action plan and tracking tool that collects all the required data needed to gain and maintain full recognition status, error free and 

Required Evaluation Data Collection Plus so Much More....
  • Participants Demographic
  • Prediabetes Determination & Blood Documentations
  • Session Dates
  • Weight loss and Activity tracking
  • Subjective Data such as fatigue, pain,or even participation
"One participant came in for her scheduled session and reported she had gone to see her doctor for a follow-up earlier in the week. After taking her weight, A1C and other labs, he came back into the room with a big smile on his face. He told her that he had fully intended to start her on medication at that visit to manage her blood sugar; however, after seeing her positive results, he no longer needed to do so! This patient had a primary goal at the beginning of our program to be able to stay off medication and avoid diabetes. To say she was happy about this result would be an understatement."

Participant App 

Take the worry out of keeping your participants engaged and documenting their weight and activity levels. Our user friendly patient app shares your care plan and ensure compliance, improve care quality through care continuity and coordination.​​ ​​
Participants can easily record the DPRP  requirements such as weight and activity either manually or by syncing their wearable or wireless devices

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