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Imagine being consistently and seamlessly
connected to  your patients
and  all their care providers to:

Increase Revenue from Gaps in Service Lines

 Higher Patient Satisfaction Rates

Reduce Readmissions

Our Solutions for Hospitals & Health Plans

Whether it’s after discharge or over-utilization of your emergency room, when a patient leaves your hospital, some things are out of your total control.  iHealth Partners Network is at the CORE of care coordination to help you CONNECT and engage with community services and care providers to ORCHESTRATE optimal communication, support REFERRAL and coordination of care that ENGAGE your patients and their families to save you money, time and resources.​​

Emergency Room Diversion

Discharge Planning

Chronic Care Management

Preventative Solutions

People with multiple health problems – known as “high-need, high-cost” because of their intense use of medical care and behavioral health services – often need assistance with other things like housing, or everyday task like walking or taking medications, to lead full, happy and productive lives.  We partner with your hospital or health system to connect and collaborate with those practices and organizations that touch a patient’s care management journey that may be out of your control or network.  Imagine being consistently and seamlessly connected to both your patient and their “other” care providers; including faith-based programs, community services, behavioral health, and even food pantries.