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Our Collaborative Care Solution Brings Together Employees, Wellness Programs, Health Plans and Primary Care Physicians.

Never lose track of the care of your members or employees...even those who are non-participants in your wellness programs.

Lifestyle Practitioners

Want to Make Changes on Their Own

It's About Relationships

  When employees who chose not to participate in a wellness program were asked why, the top reason they gave were that they:
  • Can make changes on their own (70%) 
  • Lack time (56%).
  • Believe they are already healthy (53%)
  • Felt the program was not conveniently located (43%).
  • Just didn't know enough about the program (43%).
  • Worried their employer would know their personal health information (33%).
When surveyed by Consumer Reports, doctors said that forming a long-term relationship with a primary-care physician is the most important thing a patient can do to obtain better medical care, with 76 percent saying it would help "very much."

At iHealth Partners Network we have over 5000 registered Lifestyle Practitioners and another 50,000 physicians who can easily refer their patients through our ecosystem.  Lifestyle change intervention is no longer an alternative but a critical component to vital sign collection during routine primary care visits. And, although lifestyle interventions certainly complement traditional medical treatments, it must also be integrated into primary care practices.  
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Employees Can Now Create Their Own Wellness &  Health Program & Sync All Their Health Guru’s into One Collaborative Wellness Program.

Optimize Your Wellness Program & Boost Participation
Rates Without Changing Your Current Offerings.



We Don’t Replace Your Current Wellness Program, We Enhance it!

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What sets us apart from other teams is our belief in the power of collaborations and the hard effort it takes to maintain and grow individually while respecting each stakeholders role and responsibilities within the collaborative ecosystem.

Not only are we dedicated to achieving this mission but also dedicated to the individual goals of our partners and collaborators.  We look forward to learning more about you and your company and how we may collaborate soon.