Become a Medicare DPP Lifestyle Coach

Empower Medicare beneficiaries to change their lives! Lifestyle Coaches deliver the National CDC/iHealth Partners Network Diabetes Prevention Program using curriculum developed by the CDC. Lifestyle Coaches will help participants develop and maintain the skills needed to adopt healthy eating and physical activity habits, and support participants by providing information, encouraging progress, and working with the group to address any challenges or barriers that arise.

Lifestyle coaches receive free training and certification to implement the program and do not need to be health care professionals. A per session stipend of $50 is provided to coaches. Coaches should be able to commit to leading one workshop per year (this includes 16 weekly sessions, and 6-8 follow up monthly sessions). Weekly time commitment varies between 4-6 hours per week. We’re looking for coaches in all counties within Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Texas, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio.

  •       Ability to communicate effectively with individuals and in front of a small group
  •       Ability to guide behavior change without prescribing personal actions or solutions
  •       Ability to build relationships with individuals and create community within a group
  •       Ability to work with a diverse group of people of varying ages, ethnicities, life experiences
  •       Active listening skills
  •       Enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  •       Knowledge of basic health, nutrition, and fitness principle

Interested in becoming a coach?

To apply to become a lifestyle coach, please fill out the  lifestyle coach application form(click here) iHealth Partners Network has established policies and procedures to ensure the quality of its Diabetes Prevention Program. Please read the  lifestyle coach memorandum of understanding (click here) to further understand the requirements of a lifestyle coach.

If you have further questions about applying to become a lifestyle coach, contact [email protected]