Receive Instant Referrals From
Your Physician Partners

  1. Repeat Business
    Patients and the referring doctor can post reviews on our social media site, MyLifestyle.Guru
  2. Single Referral Process
    No need for follow up phone calls or faxes to complete a referral.
  3. Easy Coordination
    Automatic notifications allow all team members know when a referral is made and an appointment scheduled.
  4. 60 Second Process
    No more waiting to confirm a referral - the process is easy and quick for patients and providers.

Calculate the Value of Adding Physician Referrals to Your Practice

In this example to the right , if you only had 1 physician referring just 1 patient to your diabetes prevention program a week which has a reimbursement rate of $400 per patient (12- month program), the value of this partnership would be $400 a week for a yearly total of $20,800.

* This tool is for information purposes only and its intended use is as an interactive tool which presents possible opportunities from partnering with health care providers and does not guarantee results. implied or otherwise.  The information provided is of a general nature and will not address the specific circumstances of a particular individual.  The results presented are for illustrative purposes only and will depend on the information entered by you regarding your usage of these services and the assumptions used in the calculation tool.